MAIDA Dolls Group Shares on Instagram

MAIDA Dolls Group is sharing on Instagram for Fifteen Days of Dollmaking.  If you’d like to join in or follow along, here are the sharing prompts, and you can hashtags #maidadolls and #fifteendaysofdollmaking.

Lou McCulloch Honors Izannah

Lou McCulloch shared a pressed cloth doll here on MAIDA some years ago. Lou collects dolls and also creates energetic paintings using mixed media. Her figural mixed media paintings reference folk art dolls and story-telling. Take the time see some of her other works here.

A Quilt Celebrates Izannah Walker

In the MAIDA Dolls Group, people have been sharing their wonderful creations.  We had a theme to honor Izannah with doll making but also in other ways. Martha Rutledge, Elaine McNally's mom, made this charming doll quilt using Dixie Redmond's Izannah patent fabric along with a variety of other reproduction fabrics. For the center block, Martha embroidered an Izannah-like doll body.  Beautiful!

Celebrating Izannah Walker's
200th Birthday Around the World

Many doll makers, artists and collectors around the world are marking Izannah Walker's 200th birthday today. As people post on their blogs and share their links with me, I will add them to this post. 


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