A Motschmann Variation

This nice early German glass eyed Papier Mache’ head with a snood hairdo once had a Motschmann type body.  Pictured also is a blond waxed doll of this period on her original body.  I will watch for a correct old body, and may or may not ever get it.  There was a broken Motschmann for sale just this week on line, but too small to go with this head.  Meanwhile, I have placed the doll on an old cloth body and added arms from a wax doll of 1870 to 80.   This way she can be dressed and enjoyed with the doll family. The mid 19th century under clothes of little girls and their dolls are so sweet.  How nice it is to find an old doll dress just right for her.

I believe this doll head with a snood was made about 1860. Most dolls I have seen of this type were waxed, but there is no residue of wax on this head even in the smallest crevasses.   She is seldom found in this large size.  As shown she stands 22 inches tall with child like proportions and would look correct on a slightly longer body.  Although she shows wear to her head this is preferable to restoration when wear is minor like this.  Her personality is intact .

To have a doll head with it's correct body is always to be desired. A make-do like this is mess so far as integrity and value are concerned.   I hope this doll can one day have the body she should have.  This does allow me to enjoy her till then.  edyth