Doll Shops United: A Selling Site

Doll Shops United, a site dedicated to selling dolls and doll related items, will be having their Grand Opening on November 15th. Doll collectors, dealers and doll artists will have a new opportunity for buying and selling dolls. You can check out their preview site here:  Doll Shops United Preview Site.   

You can rent a shop for a whole month at a flat fee which allows you to showcase multiple items instead of paying Ebay commissions per item.  I sold an antique doll on Ebay last year and the commission for that ONE doll was would have paid for a shop for a month at Doll Shops United. Doll Shops United has two tiers for membership - a standard shop and a featured shop.  You can read more at the Sellers FAQ page

The Doll Shops United Newsletter will share updates as the date of the Grand Opening nears. The Doll Shops United Facebook page has daily information about the site and images of beautiful antique and contemporary dolls. 

Disclaimer by Dixie:  I am not connected with Doll Shops United, and have not received any compensation for sharing about this site.  A few of the people involved in its creation are people I admire, that's all!  I do not yet have a shop on the site but AM considering it.  :-)