Cindy Ribet's Antique Lithograph Doll Pattern

Several years ago I saw this antique lithographed doll above sell on Ebay.   Cindy Ribet was lucky enough to purchase the doll, and went a step further to design a reproduction pattern based on the original doll.   

I was thrilled when Cindy offered this pattern for sale and bought one for myself.   Here's a doll that Cindy made from her pattern.  Beautiful, hmmmmm?

for more information about the pattern.

Making Storybook Dolls

Maida Dolls Group members are invited to join together in a Storybook Doll Making Challenge.  If you're not a member, you are welcome to join the group - it's free and is a great group of people.  Member Artis Corwin does a wonderful job making "Primer Dolls" based on vintage reading primers.  We all have our favorite stories - so come join the fun in the Maida Dolls Group

In the banner at left is the cover of a sweet 1885 small sized Little Red Riding Hood book I own.   The illustrations are so tender in this book, and the c olors in the printed illustrations are amazing.  It inspired me to again make a Little Red Riding Hood doll.  

Artis Corwin's lovely Primer Dolls

An Primitive Antique or Vintage
Folk Art Cloth Doll

I bought this homemade cloth doll before Christmas from Edyth O'Neill.   Something about this doll appealed to me, with her almost faceless concentration.  Those piercing eyes!  This doll is made with a kind of twill flannel fabric.  She is about 21" tall. 

Today I sat her in the 1840's child's chair I bought when I went to the Withington Auction over a year ago.  I'm so glad I bought that chair!  I love it and my dolls in progress love it, too. 

The hands especially appeal to me with their folky-ness. 

Candyjacks recently sold a similar folk art doll on Ebay
which was a similar size and had an embroidered face. 

via Candyjacks on Ebay
Sold for $710 in January 2012. 

via Candyjacks on Ebay

Even my dog Shelby thinks my version is a nice addition to our house. This doll will stay here a while and then will move on to a new home.  I have what I wryly call a "revolving collection" of antique and vintage dolls.   I might make her a dress.  I want to study her hands.