Primitive Antique Folk Art Cloth Doll on Ebay

This doll was auctioned on Ebay - it was an interesting auction to watch.  She sold for US $180.49.   There are additional images at the auction.  A folk art doll similar to this recently sold on Ebay for over $700.   View pictures of a similar doll I own at a previous post on Maida Today.  Mine is a bit more folky with arms that stick out from her sides.  The arms in this doll below reminds me a bit of a Columbian doll.   What do you think of her?

1001 Ways to Make a Doll:
Inspired by Google Patent

Google Patents is a fun place to hang out - particularly if you search from 1820 - 1920 when most designs would now be in the public domain.   It's beautiful to see the breadth of creativity when you search for doll designs from 1820 - 1920.  Doll artists will find instruction and inspiration at the click of a mouse.