Columbian Doll at Lucy's Doll House

This is a smaller Columbian Doll.  I forgot to measure her!   But she has a different body construction than the larger dolls I've seen.  The back, shown below with Emma Adams stamp, is made of two parts.  

The front either is made of 3 pieces or is 1 piece with two darts. 

The chunky legs of Columbian dolls are charming,
and are reminiscent of toddlers. 

Enjoy the rest of the pictures of this sweet doll. 

Topsy Turvy Dolls

Some members of the Maida Dolls Group have been working on Topsy Turvy Dolls.  This was prompted by the invitation hosted by Art Dolls Quarterly.   Visit the Maida Dolls group to see what they're up to, and be inspired by the images of this lovely antique doll I saw at the 2010 Withington's doll auction.  ~ Dixie