An Early Wooden Doll at Lucy's Doll House

I am reposting this for a group of people who are studying Queen Anne dolls.

Even though I originally visited Lucy's Doll House in 2007 because they had an Izannah Walker doll, I try to get there every year to see what they treasures they have in store.  And I am never disappointed.  Here is a little wooden Queen Anne style doll.  She was hand sized.  I wish I had gotten a whole body shot!  She has what appears to be human hair.  This doll is SOLD and not available any more, but I was glad to be able to cross paths with her.  

For my doll making friends, I usually try to take pictures from odd angles.  

The following video is quite imperfect.  but it gives a sense of the size of the doll as well as the legs.  Enjoy!

MAIDA Dolls Group Shares on Instagram

MAIDA Dolls Group is sharing on Instagram for Fifteen Days of Dollmaking.  If you’d like to join in or follow along, here are the sharing prompts, and you can hashtags #maidadolls and #fifteendaysofdollmaking.


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