Columbian Cloth Doll by Emma Adams

The pictures of this Columbian Doll were taken by me in 2008 at Lucy's Doll House in Camden, Maine. She is a large doll, measuring about 30" in length. Columbian dolls are interesting to look at, coming a bit later in time than Izannah Walker dolls. I love their chunky bodies, and the texture of the oil paint laid onto the cloth.

The red ankle boots are
charming with the pink dress.

Here are some closeups of the doll:

The construction of the dress shows that cartridge pleating (or gauging) was used to attach the gathered skirt and bodice to the waistband.

This picture below shows the connection
of the shoulder to the torso.

Arm attachment detail below:

The picture below is (ahem) a bit indelicate,
but I took it specifically to show that
even these old dollmakers we admire didn't
always match their seams. Plus it shows how
Columbians have a nice base for sitting,
as well as the attachment of the legs
at the bottom front of the torso.

Columbian doll heads are interesting in the way the head was gathered rather than using darts to make a round head. This adds to their charm, and to the texture of the face. For those of you who like to make dolls inspired by Emma Adams' creations, here is a closeup of the face.

Isn't she sweet?

~ Dixie Redmond


  1. She is beautiful! I like your face very much!

  2. WOW! She IS G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! I think I would like to recreate a Columbian; just love that she is a big doll.


  3. Very sweet! I have never even heard of Columbian dolls and never saw one like this. Thanks for sharing this with us. I am having so much fun learning!


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