Boys and Girls Clothing from the 1800's

In searching for when the clothing of a particular doll might have been made, I found the New York Public Library Digital Gallery.  For those of us interested in clothing from earlier times, the images in this digital gallery are priceless.  You can search for clothing from different time periods, and narrow your search even further to boys or girls, or decade.  Here are some goodies found on the site:

Full-sized pattern of baby’s s... Digital ID: 825486. New York Public Library
Baby's shoe pattern from 1870

 Diagrams for boy’s dress. Digital ID: 802487. New York Public Library
Diagram or pattern for a boys dress, 1853 
 Diagram for young lady’s jacke... Digital ID: 802508. New York Public Library
 Diagram for a young lady's jacket, 1853

Flannel chemise. Digital ID: 828246. New York Public Library
Chemise, 1875

Have fun searching their collection!

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  1. Dixie,

    Thank you for sharing this resource. What a pleasure! I find lately that I enjoy creating my own clothing patterns. Thanks again! Penni


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