A Wonderful Folk Art Doll at Withington's

Yesterday I drove from Maine to New Hampshire to take pictures of some wonderful antique dolls at Withington's.  While I was there, Larry and Marcia showed me a charming cloth one of a kind folk doll.   Look at that face!  

This is quite a large doll.  
I didn't remember to ask for the height.  
She is 23" in height

Here are some detail pictures:

The gusset in the head construction 
brings to mind Presbyterian dolls. 


I love her smiling countenance!

The  hands are a wonderful folk art detail.

These mocassin type shoes are so beautiful.

Photos by Dixie Redmond courtesy of Withington's.


  1. Well Dixie she is a to die for doll, love verything about her. Simple and lovely!!!GREAT photos. TY

  2. Thank you for making that journey! It enables me to have a peak at that lovely doll! I found the head construction interesting, I've been wondering about how to make the back of the head a bit fuller. Something to learn from!
    Thank you for sharing those great photos!


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