Carved Wooden Jointed Antique Vintage Mystery Doll

I've purchased a few things for my revolving inspiration collection.  Here's a guy I don't know much about, but maybe you do? 

This is a 12" figure is carved from wood.  He is jointed at the shoulders and the hips.  He reminds me a bit of some mechanics I knew back in the early 60's with the matching pants and shirt.  I bet he once had a hat....maybe a cowboy hat?   I know nothing about this doll.  He is not marked on his back.  He can stand on his two feet.  :-)  If you have any guesses about who made this doll, or his vintage.  I'm guessing 30's to 60's.  The cloth is cotton and the belt is a braided trim which is not elastic.  The "tie" is made of ribbon and may be melting a bit - so not sure if silk or rayon.   I've shared some pictures to help out.  


If you have any information about this doll, please share in the comment section... Thanks!  ~ Dixie

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  1. This doll seems to me to be wearing a uniform of some sort. Did the Boy Scouts have a brown uniform with red ties? Belts? Interesting doll!


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