1865 Dress Made in 3 Parts

Source: via Dixie on Pinterest

Isn't this the most scrumptious dress?  Imagine wearing that to a 4th of July party!

Museums often have outstanding antique clothing collections.  This dress is from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Read the museum description of this dress made in three parts.  This outstanding design uses two colors and the extensive use of pattern repetition through the use of trim.

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  1. Dixie,
    That dress is gorgeous. It would be nice to make an updated version for my very pretty. I am headed to the Vermont Quilt Festival tonight...I also hope to visit the Shelburne Museum on Sunday. Is there a doll exhibit there? I know about the vintage and antique quilts...will be looking for dolls as!


  2. That is beautiful. I can only imagine how much work went into all their dresses.

    Sometimes my mental image of what they work back then gets shifted--broadened? This kind of thing helps. Thanks!

  3. This was made for a child in a wealthy family, and she would have worn a (most likely sheer) chemisette with it. What we'd call a 'dicky'.

    I am sitting here attempting to calculate how many dozens of hours it took to make this dress.

    What a beautiful thing. Imagine the fear of soiling it!


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