Making Antique Inspired
Trims for Dresses

Youtube is not just a place for "Charlie Bit Me" or "Annoying Orange" videos, you can find a lot of wonderful tutorials on how to make trims.   Above is a tutorial for making ruched ribbon trim for scrapbooking, but it is wonderful to use as a trim for our antique inspired dresses.

There are a number of tutorials for making continuous bias tape which is great for adding details to a plain dress.   Here's one tutorial:

Here's a great tutorial by Angry Chicken
for applying commercial bias tape to edging:

And here's a video for making prairie points:

 All of these trims can be used in making your antique inspired dresses.

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  1. Dixie, you made me laugh with your YouTube references. Kids have the darnest ways of finding goofy video snippets. I viewed the ruching video; neat technique. I'm so glad you have put together such a wonderful doll making site!!! Thanks, always reading,


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