The Hatch Collection of Black Cloth Dolls

The Hatch Collection of Black Cloth Dolls is a marvelous gathering of cloth black dolls owned by Pat Hatch and documented by Roben Campbell.  If you love cloth dolls, you will love to visit the site where the collection is presented.

The original exhibit catalog can be viewed here.

 Many thanks to Roben Campbell 
for permission to share these images and resources here.


  1. Dixie, these dolls are amazing. Thank you for sharing the great photos and links. There is so much
    history to learn and to understand the period that these wonderful dolls were created in and loved so gently.

  2. I bought the most homely black rag doll at the show this weekend. I paid two dollars for her, (I think it's a her...there's only the button eyes and an embroidered V for a mouth so far). Not sure why I had to bring her home, but I'm glad I did. The fabric feels like silk men's slacks I used once for scrap, but I really don't know the content.

    Thanks for sharing the link!

  3. Edyth's the one who pointed this out to me. :-) So thank you, Edyth.

  4. What a great resource! Thanks so much for publicizing it, Dixie.


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