Making Antique Inspired Doll Accessories:
Studying Antique Doll Quilts

image via Edyth O'Neill
Izannah inspired doll in back and cloth doll front center by Edyth O'Neill
Small Izannah doll by Elaine McNally, blonde doll on right antique.

Edyth's blog has more images of doll quilts, so be sure to visit her!

Edyth O'Neill's pictures jogged one of my early memories: Once when I was young I visited an aunt's house across town.  A girl  lived two houses down from my aunt's house who had a wonderful wooden doll bed and a doll quilt. I was somewhere between six and eight years old.   I've forgotten the girl's name, but I sure can remember that bed and quilt.  I wanted it. There was something substantial and heartwarming in that hand-made  bed and textile bed covering that the pink plastic Barbie camper couldn't fill.  I'm not knocking Barbie, just relating a memory from childhood.  Isn't it funny how these memories can stay so sharp and clear?   And isn't it interesting how our likes and wants surface so early in life?

image via Edyth O'Neill, antique cradle, Martha Rutledge quilt
Charming small antique quilts made just for dolls are treasured collectibles in their own right. If you enjoy antique doll quilts you will want to visit some heartwarming examples at the following websites:

Old ones are quite pricey, but some lovely ones are made today.  Our next post on quilts will focus on making our own antique inspired doll quilts and the books and patterns available.  

Above and below are shown a group of doll quilts from Three Texas Collections shared by Edyth, followed by some additional  quilts shared by internet friends.
image via Edyth O'Neill

image via Edyth O'Neill
quilt by Edyth, doll by Elaine McNally, rug by Martha Ruteldge

image via Edyth O'Neill

image via Edyth O'Neill

image via Edyth O'Neill
wonderful quilt by Martha Rutledge
dolls by Elaine McNally

Quilt images from other internet friends....

image courtesy Pam Fisher

image courtesy Pam Fisher

image courtesy Barb Whitehead

image courtesy Barb Whitehead

Viewing all these makes me want to make a doll quilt!  I've been saving pieces from the doll dresses I've made for just that purpose. Our next post on doll quilts will be about resources available for making them.   

Edyth's blog has more images of doll quilts, so be sure to visit. 


  1. Thanks for sharing such wonderful little treasures...old doll quilts are my favorite quilts of all :)

  2. Hi, Dixie
    I just became a follower of this blog and the Izannah Walker Chronicles blog...where has my mind been!!! I should have followed these blogs a year ago...oh well. I did visit them often though.
    I think of you often and I am finally feeling better after a couple of health set-backs, minor, but set-backs none-the-less.
    I love all of the cozy doll and tiny quilt photos of Edyths.
    Hope you are doing well.
    Teresa Swanson

  3. Hi, Sandy - you're welcome! I love old doll quilts, too. If you all have some examples of antique doll quilts that you own and want to share, I'm going to be doing a follow-up post about making doll quilts inspired by antiques and sharing about some good books on antique doll quilt designs.

  4. Hi, Teresa - I'm sorry you've had set-backs. I hope that you are able to recuperate fully.

    I'm glad you like the quilts! I definitely want to make a small one. I need to make the time! :-)


  5. Hi Again, Dixie! I have a couple of old doll quilts that I would be happy to share on your follow-up post. I talked about them both on my blog if you want to take a peek :)

  6. Loved these quilts and dolls! They marry well!


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