An Primitive Antique or Vintage
Folk Art Cloth Doll

I bought this homemade cloth doll before Christmas from Edyth O'Neill.   Something about this doll appealed to me, with her almost faceless concentration.  Those piercing eyes!  This doll is made with a kind of twill flannel fabric.  She is about 21" tall. 

Today I sat her in the 1840's child's chair I bought when I went to the Withington Auction over a year ago.  I'm so glad I bought that chair!  I love it and my dolls in progress love it, too. 

The hands especially appeal to me with their folky-ness. 

Candyjacks recently sold a similar folk art doll on Ebay
which was a similar size and had an embroidered face. 

via Candyjacks on Ebay
Sold for $710 in January 2012. 

via Candyjacks on Ebay

Even my dog Shelby thinks my version is a nice addition to our house. This doll will stay here a while and then will move on to a new home.  I have what I wryly call a "revolving collection" of antique and vintage dolls.   I might make her a dress.  I want to study her hands.


  1. How could you not love her? She's wonderful!

  2. As I was reading this post, Dixie, I was thinking "How could you not love her?" When I got down to the comments, I see that is exactly what Jan has ditto, Jan!

  3. Ditto-Ditto, Susie. I keep seeing the shape of this doll in the Main page of the MAIDA group, Dixie. There is just something so compelling about her shape...she's like a Hug incarnate.

  4. YES, Jan and Susie, who could NOT love her?

    Jan - you're right - the way her arms were sewn on it does look like she's giving a hug!

  5. She's beautiful, as is the chair. A fitting pair!
    Thank you for sharing!

  6. Thanks, Dawn. She's sitting on my mantel holding a paper heart my son and I colored.

  7. oh, wonderful. she has a lovely baby shape, and looks like she would be most happy, draped over your shoulder. Do make her a dress- I hate the site of a naked dolly!

    1. Yes, she needs a dress. But I've been wondering what kind. :-) Of what era?


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