Columbian Doll at Lucy's Doll House

This is a smaller Columbian Doll.  I forgot to measure her!   But she has a different body construction than the larger dolls I've seen.  The back, shown below with Emma Adams stamp, is made of two parts.  

The front either is made of 3 pieces or is 1 piece with two darts. 

The chunky legs of Columbian dolls are charming,
and are reminiscent of toddlers. 

Enjoy the rest of the pictures of this sweet doll. 


  1. Yes she is really a sweet doll. I really love how the little mouth is painted. Can you imagine how many kisses she was given.

  2. I just saw these pictures today, and they were posted 3 years ago. I purchased this very doll from Lucy's Doll
    House a couple years ago. She's staying here at my house forever. The coat that came with her is just delightful and has so much detail. I did wash all her clothing by hand in Woolite. They look perfectly nice and not a bit of damage to any of them. The doll is so beautiful and her painting is perfect.

    1. Mary! I am so happy this doll is with you! :-)


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