Tiny Moravian Dolls

When most people mention antique Moravian Dolls, we are accustomed to thinking of Polly Heckwelder dolls, such as this one sold at Morphy's Auctions.  

On a visit to Lucy's Doll House, I saw this collection of little dolls, also made by the Moravians.  These tiny dolls are about 4.5 to 5 inches tall and were "named Benigna, after the founder of the first Protestant boarding school for girls in America" (Cloth Dolls  From Ancient to Modern, p. 27).  In this case, some of the dolls come with a little pocket which holds a card describing the doll and the project they were being sold to help with.  

It's little details like this that add not only charm
but provenance to a creation like this. 

Thank you to Lucy's Doll House
for the opportunity to share these charming dolls. 

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  1. Hola tu blog es maravilloso por aquí me quedo para disfrutar de las muñecas que son otro de mis grandes amores, besos.


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