Using 19th Century Magazines for Design Inspiration

Google Books yields lots of inspiration sources from 19th century primary documents. Primary documents, such as the Les Follets illustrations in this post, show what people actually wore, rather than a what we think they wore.   I'm particularly interested in 19th century children's clothing, so I love searching various topics and finding wonderful graphics.   Look at this outfit for a child in 1863:

A simple white dress 
adorned with red trim 
makes a stylish statement: 

The same color scheme is used in reverse 
a velvet  red dress trimmed with white cording
layered over a simple white undershirt or blouse.  

Thank you to Google Books  for preserving these books and documents so that they are readily available for our research. 

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  1. Beautiful graphics, Dixie :) Thanks so much for sharing them!


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