Ginger's Philadelphia Sheppard Baby Dolls

Ginger kindly shared images of the two Philadelphia Sheppard babies she owns named Clay and Ray pictures in this post.  I told her I'm in the process of studying Philadelphia Sheppard Baby Dolls because I am making a pattern inspired by the one I own.  She kindly shared these images to share with others who love Philadelphia - Sheppard Baby Dolls.   My Philly Baby doll is in rough shape, so I have been studying other images lately.  

This is such an interesting opportunity to study two dolls by the same maker side by side.  You can see similarities and differences at the same time.  Ginger has taken pictures in such a way that it makes it easier for us.  

Thank you, Ginger!  


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    1. That's what I think. The front of the faces is firmer than the back. But there is give. They're not as hard a a Martha Chase doll's face would be. At least mine isn't.

  2. what adorable dolls. I love the little boy clothes


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