Gail Wilson Designs Halloween Sale

6-1/2" Tall PumpkinMan
A Cotton Batting Kitor Finished Now Ready
Gail Wilson Designs is having a Halloween sale today, Wednesday October 30th, beginning at 8 a.m. and ending at midnight (Eastern Time). Click HERE to visit the sale page.

Gail has one of THE best wooden sculpting tools ever, carved from apple wood. I have bought extras of this tool, because I am afraid of losing it (which happened once before when a son borrowed my tools). I read her description and was skeptical, but am not anymore. Based on this one experience, I've decided that if she says something is really good, then I believe it!

So now I want some of the little scissors she says are the BEST for doing knit-over coverings for dolls.

I don't get anything for posting this plug for her sale. Just a recommendation from one doll maker to another! ~ Dixie

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