The MAIDA Dolls Group Reese's Challenge

It's fun to see members' responses to some of our doll making themes. Our most recent theme was a kind of mash-up called the Reese's Challenge.  The objective was to make one type of doll in a medium that was different from the original.  Or another tack was to introduce two doll makers in your imagination and create the doll that you think they would come up with.  

Artis Corwin asked the question, "What if Johnny Gruelle and Izannah Walker Collaborated?"  When she shared this creation I wanted to scoop the little Annizannah (Zannah Anne?) up! What a fun creation.

Judi Hunziker of Olde Time Dolls 
made a china doll expressed in cloth.  

Wendi Dunn made a doll inspired by an old Currier & Ives print:

There are many equally wonderful creations being made by group members daily.  It's a great group of doll makers!

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