Custom Reproduction Dresses
for Izannah Walker Dolls

People often ask me if I will make additional dresses for dolls they purchase from me. Making dolls is my focus, not making doll clothing. I have my own undressed dolls which need help as well! Recently I saw a reproduction dress made by Carol McDaniel on Ebay.  I bought the dress and tried it on a doll made from my pattern, at left below. It was a perfect fit.  


For fun, I tried the dress on my antique Izannah Walker doll, and except for the length of sleeves and skirt, it was workable.

So I emailed Carol, asking if she could make a dress with a specific length of skirt and sleeve.  She replied that she does custom work. So....if you have dolls to dress, and like the style dress above, contact Carol about making a custom dress for your doll.  Carol also sells ready-made dresses for dolls on Ebay.  



  1. Love this dress, Dixie. It's adorable.

  2. I've wondered about those dresses...I don't think, given the fabric stash I have in there, that I can justify paying somebody to sew for me, but I can understand why you'd want to! :~D


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