An Inspiration Tool

I, Dixie, used to save hundreds (thousands?) of inspiration pictures on my computer.  But since the advent of Pinterest, I have pinned what inspires me to a board called "Dolls".  For the most part, these are antique dolls, but occasionally a tutorial or modern folk art doll finds a home there.  If you love antique dolls or make dolls inspired by antiques, you might find this an inspiration tool as I do.  Here is a screenshot of this inspiration board.  Click the image to view the board.

Pinterest is also a great research tool.  If you are learning about something, and you do not want the world to know, you can create a secret board, hidden from the public.  

The dark side of Pinterest is that if people are only interested in images, once the images are pinned on Pinterest, they fly around freely without people visiting the source page.  That has definitely affected readership of this blog as well as the Izannah Walker Chronicles.  But, we adapt and overcome.  We learn to make the new tools work for us.  

So...visit the inspiration board above.  You'll find lots of inspiration for making antique inspired dolls.  

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