Mystery Cloth Doll with Swivel Neck

Recently I bought a large doll in a booth at an antiques mall.  The doll is listed as being papier mache, but looking at the construction of the doll it is clear it is made of cloth.  I thought I would share images here, in hopes someone may have some information.

The doll has what I think is human hair seen on and is about 26" tall.  It has a swivel head, and the head is made of cloth.  The doll was wearing clothing which appears to be from the 50's, and boots which are much newer.  The seller says it came through a distance cousin of the family, and is probably from the 30's. But of course this is vague information. 

If you have any ideas, please comment!


  1. I bet you had trouble resisting the doll...I would have, just because it is so unique!

  2. I've never seen a doll like this so I can't help. I hope if/when you find out more you'll post the information.

    It's hard to believe she's made of cloth, especially when I look at the details and curves in her face: eyes, nose, mouth. Amazing. I don't know much about dolls or their history but they are appealing to me, and this one's face is ... how to describe it? Who could resist this doll?

    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  3. I'm curious about the 'stitch' on her palm. where do you think it 'goes' to? It isn't sewn to the top of her hand....

    1. I think the stitch in the palm must be secured at the wrist, as the wrist is wrapped with thread.


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