Celebrating Izannah Walker's
200th Birthday Around the World

Many doll makers, artists and collectors around the world are marking Izannah Walker's 200th birthday today. As people post on their blogs and share their links with me, I will add them to this post. 


  1. Dixie, thank you for the pattern special, I've purchased a copy, hope to start on an Izannah soon. I purchased the doll Susie McMahon made, cannot wait to get her! Will be my first Izannah inspired doll. Best, Ann in NC

  2. Hi Dixie i am away right now and can't figure my way aroun the smart phone but i hope you can visit my Izannah tribute blog post :-)
    All of the posts and pictures are so DELIGHTFUL that I have been visiting about on blogs and FB! There are so many wonderfully talented people giving such lovely tributes for this special bicentennial! I am enjoying it so much!!

  3. I'm almost ready to let her leave home! She's going to a good home :-)

  4. Dixie, thank you again for your patterns! It's gorgeous, neat and accessible. My first dolls were made according to your class. For Izannah Walker's anniversary, I made a doll-cat for thanks to your pattern!
    Svetlana Lukina


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