Embellishing Doll Clothing

A search through Google Books section of public domain books yields a treasure trove of needlework techniques to use in embellishing a plain garment for an antique doll. Trims and braids can be approximated with some embroidery techniques, such as the braid stitch above.

Here are a few books I found with some interesting instruction and graphics. It's best to click on the "contents" at the top of the page and you can browse the book. You can also download them in PDF format for future reference.
And if you would like to do the braid stitch shown above, Stitchschool has done a very nice text and photo tutorial on braid stitch. Have fun! ~ Dixie


  1. Dixie the information you find is awesome. Thanks for all the research you do.

  2. Dixie,
    I'm late in reading/commenting here, but can I say how grateful I am to find not only a doll maker/collector who has done so much research and work, but is willing to share it? I feel like I've accidentally discovered a cave with a great treasure chest sitting in the middle. It will take me a while to read it all, but...
    Thank you.


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