A Sweet Folk Art Cloth Doll

This antique folk art doll is interesting for a variety of reasons. Someone who knew about painting did a nice job oil painting the head and face. It's almost as if they were painting a portrait doll. And look at the sweet simply painted ears!

Great detail was used in the costuming of the doll as well. I wouldn't necessarily choose a red plaid to make a dress but isn't the red and brown stunning on her?

The clothing is definitely made for this doll.

Note the details in the clothing:

fringe on the cape's edge
a ticking tie at the neck
lace on the dress's neck and sleeve
the contrast of the plaid and paisley

sweet leather boots,
no-nonsense pantaloons,
red stockings.

She must be a lady of leisure...

because these are tiny hands!

These are the details I love about folk dolls.

Back to her sweet, resolute face.

I took pictures of this doll at Lucy's Doll House.

Isn't she in good company?

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  1. I love her eyes. She's a beautiful doll and must have been well-loved. Also interesting, the darts in her neck.

  2. Love everything about this doll. I too noticed the darts on the neck. Her shawl might be part of an antique wool paisley shawl. Her dress looks like it possible could be wool also?

  3. Oh, how sweet she is! I love plaids, and her dress & cape go so nicely together. Love the shoes too. That face really draws you in.

  4. Her hair is gorgeous. I always wonder who made these one of a kind folk dolls. She is so well done. It seems like the maker might have had experience - - I wonder if he/she sold dolls or just made them as gifts. The shoes look like toddler boots. So sweet.

  5. I love her. Do you know what year she was made?

  6. My guess on her age is late 1800's, Mary. The hairstyle reminds me of some china and bisque dolls I've seen that have curly waterfall hairstyles. Love them.


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