Making Small Cloth Dolls: Eleanor's Doll

Eleanor A. Lockridge applied for this patent in 1919, when she was living in Long Beach California. This design looks a lot like modern Waldorf doll designs. Eleanor described her doll as follows:

An inventive mind can look at the diagram and learn about making this small cloth doll. Making small cloth dolls has been with us for a long time as humans.

Cotton batting like Warm & Natural or felted wool could be used in making a larger sized doll. Stockinette or tubular bandage material or the sleeve of an old cotton knit shirtl would allow you to make the doll in a much smaller size. Sewing across the outer fabric covering at various points such as where the arms meet the shoulders, where the legs meet the torso, and at elbow and knee joints would allow for jointing of this doll. It would be an easy and fun doll to make with kids.

If you make a doll
based on this design,

please let Dixie know
so we can post a picture of your doll.

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  1. Спасибо ВАМ огромное за Прекрасный БЛОГ!

  2. I downloaded this patent with the intention of making some of these cute dolls. In the meantime, I found one, not exactly the same but very close in a local antique shop. She was very reasonably priced, and made of pink stockinette. She is very grubby though, and could use a bit of a clean. How do I go about this? I think she is stuffed with cotton, but I would not swear to it. Any advice would be so appreciated!

    1. I would try to do a surface cleaning. We're live with her and her grubby fashion.


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