Columbian Doll Pattern by Susan Fosnot

Susan Fosnot's "Emma" pattern is inspired by Emma Adams' Columbian dolls. Susan say this about her pattern:
"Many doll makers are familiar with the Columbian Dolls of Emma Adams, which were first made in 1891. This pattern is my version of the Columbian doll, and is designed to wear antique infant clothing. It is true to the original dolls in proportion and overall design, but I have added my own improvements and simplifications."

"The pattern includes two options for the arms, and three options for the legs. There is a thin arm and a chubby arm, so you can choose the one that your dress best fits. The leg can be made thin or chubby to go with the arm. The leg pattern, which is an unusual one-piece design, is true to the original Columbian Doll. There is also a quick and easy leg alternative."
"Two designs are included for the face. One is an authentic Columbian Doll face, and one is my own design for Emma.Pattern includes Authentic 19th century baby drawers, slip and handkerchief bonnet. Finished height is 21 inches."

Dolls Made with and earlier version of
Susan Fosnot's Columbian Pattern
from Doll Crafter magazine:

Doll made by Marianne Tuckerman
using Susan Fosnot's Emma pattern

Doll Made by Judy Jaques
using Susan Fosnot's pattern

Doll Made by Judy Jaques
using Susan Fosnot's pattern

Doll Made by Judy Jaques
using Susan Fosnot's earlier pattern

Susan also offers

Painted Doll Workshops

Susan Fosnot's most recent Columbian pattern above

"Just pick out the doll you would like to make,
and get your friends together. I will come to your location for a workshop!

Each participant will make a doll and paint the head, arms, and legs. In the workshop we focus on the painting aspect of the project. Some of the painting techniques are adapted from the “Old Masters”, and some are my own methods. Either oil or acrylic paints may be used. Each step of the painting is demonstrated, and individual help is always available.
These things will be provided for each participant:
  • Original doll pattern and instructions. Patterns have a shaped, three-dimensional head, with a flat, seamless face. Pattern for doll’s clothing is also included.
  • template for the features of the doll's face.
  • A full color step-by-step illustration for painting the face.
Instructor’s fee for a two-day workshop is $190 per person for a minimum of eight students. Workshop group will also pay instructor’s travel expenses. Workshop size is limited to 10 to 14 participants, depending on space available. Site of the workshop must have good natural lighting, be well ventilated, and have ample space for all participants."
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  1. I'm very small collection of artist dolls includes one made by Susan - I treasure it!


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