It's Twins!

This lovely article was posted on Edyth's blog, and has been reposted here with permission. Such wonderful dolls, and for those of you doing experiments with molded hair these are good inspiration for the hair as well as the clothing. ~ Dixie


At Round Top when I saw these adorable cotton wrappers or dressing gowns for infant twins, I was unsure just how to use them but I wanted them much!

A few months later the same dealer had them at a show in Boerne Texas. The price held me off. After leaving the show they were still on my mind and I asked Jack to turn around and let me go back and buy the treasures.

The dresses are both in splendid condition, fully lined in two different brown cotton prints. I date them about 1870, could be a bit later or earlier. At the time I had one 36 inch M and S superior doll, and began watching for another. By a marvelous stroke of luck, a second one arrived in the mail as a gift from a doll collecting friend! So now the two of them wear the wonderful dresses and sit side by side on top of a highboy in my bed room. The age of the dolls matches well with the garments.

Again the shoes tell a similar story, I bought one pair at the Comfort Antique shop 2 weeks back and friend Jean saw what I was doing and mailed me a matching pair for the other twin! Little by little, with the help of an understanding and indulgent husband and the generosity of friends, a lovely family of dolls in appropriate clothing is coming to be mine again. Blessings...Edyth O'Neill

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  1. such beautiful twin babies and such lovely friends...
    you are loved and so blessed.
    thank you for sharing them.


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