Antique Red Boy's Dress

3rd quarter of the 19th century,
boys red dress of sheer wool, trimmed in black,
O'Neill Collection
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  1. That is so funny to think of a "boy's dress". My father was born in 1910. I never saw it, but there was a picture that floated around from when he was young with his hair longer and he had on a dress. They knew it was one of the siblings, but couldn't think of who it was. They finally realized it was him. I heard them tell this story when I was young and I thought that was the oddest story I ever heard. He had seven sisters. He was a younger sibling and when he was very young he did wear dresses. Can't you just imagine all of those sisters combing his hair and picking out his dress? This is such a wonderful site to get so many tidbits of information and so much inspiration. Thank you.


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