An Interesting Antique Cloth
Linen Head Doll Courtesy of Lou McCulloch

Lou McCulloch, a member of the Maida Dolls group, posted pictures of a very interesting antique doll. I asked Lou if I could post them here for all of you to enjoy. Lou is an artist, so be sure to visit Lou's blog and thank her for sharing. I asked some doll collectors about this, and Kathy Turner of Virtu Dolls had the following to say about this doll:
"They are American made, out of New York. 2 doll makers both had patents for similar methods of making pressed linen/muslin head dolls sometimes over a pasteboard base (Weigand type). One was Carl Weigand and the other was George Hawkins. Hawkins patent was 1868 and his dolls were directly molded from existing china doll heads. Some did have a wire support frame too."
What I especially love about this doll is that it is painted cloth, but many of the design features are reminiscent of papier mache and china dolls of the time. Lou's doll is wearing the most dreamy early dress. Enjoy!

See the wire frame around the shoulder head edge?

This face is so inspiring!

A sweet folky hand
Wonderful red shoes
Wonderful Doll!

Kathy Turner graciously shared
images of a similar doll for comparison.
These are charming dolls!

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  1. Thank you Kathy T. for your information and posting your similar doll. The faces, especially, have similar features/colors. So you believe these are by George Hawkins, c.1860s? ~Lou

  2. This is a wonderful doll. I fell in love with her when I saw the red shoes. I know a doll maker would cringe at that statement however the dress and facial features are also beautiful and worth noting. I enjoy. Thanks.

  3. ...and you as well Mrs. Dixie : D

  4. Thank You Kathy T and Lou! These dolls are very inspiring!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I love this technique!
    It makes me wanna make all kinds of things!
    I would love to make cat face this way!


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