My Antique - Vintage Cloth Doll Collection

As I was taking pictures of some of the cloth dolls I've collected to get the ready to list a few online, I thought some of them might be worth showing here.  Not all are antique, they are not over 100 years old, but they still have a lot of charm. I just need to make room right now, so some of these will be sold. 

 If you know the date of some of these dolls, please share.  
And also, check out my blog in the next day or so, 
as I will be listing some of them there.



This doll above I purchased on Ebay, 
listed as from Lancaster County, PA.
The body type is interesting.  
Turn of the century to 1920's?

The face and hair looks like it was drawn on 
with some kind of ink which has browned with age.

I like the head shape.  

I'm guessing this is a 20's doll below? 
She/he looks like an aviator.  
Amelia Earhart, anyone?

Doll with embroidered face
and cool dress below...
1940's?  1950's?  

She is made from some kind of sack. 

  I am 95% sure this doll below
is a Babyland Rag doll, 30" tall.
If it is, she could be from around 1906-1911.


Her arms and legs have been 
resewn at some point in her life.
And she was given button eyes. 


If you look carefully, 
you can see the ghost 
of where her face layer was stitched on, 
because I believe her front is now her back.  


She's stuffed with cotton.

I think she sucked her thumb...
after some little girl gave her "fingernail polish".

 She came with an interesting assortment of clothing - 

 old high-top boots

socks with "patina"

pantaloons with lace and pleating

a lace-edged petticoat

An antique dress which has issues, 
but also has cartridge pleating at the waist.

The girl has been loved a lot.  
Her body shows "hug wear".

 The only doll that I'm showing in this post
that is not antique/vintage is this Helen Pringle doll.  

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  1. Some very nice dollies Dixie.

  2. Very sweet Dixie...good luck.

  3. These dolls are darling. I know that battered ie loved to bitd dolls are not worth as much as pristine ones (old, that is) but isn't it lovely that such items have stood the test of time and demonstrate that really little girls haven't changed that much? (ahem,and some big girls??!!)

    I'm wondering about your 'aviator doll': it looks like a Girl Guide uniform she is wearing, the buttons being her badges. The GG were formed early in WW1 so the time would fit? Its just an idea though.


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