A Christmas Doll Shower


My friend Edyth has a friend who is sinking into Alzheimer's.  Her friend, a long time quilter and helper of many over the years, wants a cloth black doll for Christmas.  She has been moved away from her home of many years and all the people who knew her.   You can read Edyth's post here about her friend.  My granny had Alzheimer's so this is close to my heart.  We thought we would work at putting together a basket of cloth dolls for her friend as a Christmas surprise shower.   Edyth's friend has made lovely quilts in the past and will appreciate a well made cloth doll.  Edyth says:

"Black or other, 
vintage or new, 
just cloth dolls
in a rainbow of fabrics 
a good quilter will recognize."

Surely there are doll makers out there who could make or donate a doll to make this lovely lady's Christmas a joyous one.  I know many of you have been doll makers for a long time and don't know what to DO with all your dolls.

Ship your doll to me by December 10th 
if you would like to send a doll for this project.  

Then I will take a picture of them as a group to post here on Maida Today.   After that I will send them as a traveling party to Edyth who will ship them to the lovely quilting lady who would like a cloth black doll for Christmas.

If you're not a member of Maida, it is free to join the group, and we'll be talking about this project there.  If you would like to participate without joining the Maida Dolls Group, then email me (Dixie) by using the contact at the top of the page.  (northdixie AT

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