Doll Shower Update

Dolls are arriving at my house! 

I am thrilled that doll makers from the Maida Dolls Group have made dolls for the  Christmas Doll Shower.  This is a very busy time of year,  and that makes the offering of these dolls all the more special.  We have them coming from different corners of the country, and even as far as Australia!

There's still time to participate!

Send a well made homemade or vintage black doll to Dixie by December 10th.   I will post a picture of your doll with the other dolls here on Maida Today.  Then the doll party will travel on to Edyth O'Neill, who will send them as a surprise to our the lonely lady with Alzheimer's who wants a black doll for Christmas.  Read the story here.

A Gift for YOU!

The Vintage Graphics has wonderful images she shares freely.   Her site is chalk full of antique and vintage images.  Hop on over to The Graphics Fairy and see the lovely vintage paperdoll images.

Thank you 
for sharing a little light 
this holiday season!

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