Happy Birthday, Edyth!

This day could not pass without honoring our friend, Edyth O'Neill, who is celebrating her birthday today.  Edyth knows nothing about this.  ;-)

Edyth, with her artist's heart and love of antique dolls, is an inspiration to us all who enjoy making antique inspired dolls. Edyth's articles here on Maida educate us and spark our creativity.   I (Dixie) am honored to call her a friend.

Izannah inspired doll by Edyth O'Neill

She and her husband, Jack O'Neill, have worked together as antiques dealers and artists, with Jack designing and building furniture inspired by antiques and Edyth painting pictures and designing antique inspired dolls and hooked rugs.   She has written an inspiring rug hooking book called Rugs for My Red Cape.

 Belsnickle designed by Edyth O'Neill

 Rug designed and hooked by Edyth O'Neill

Edyth's rug designs are inspiring, and can be seen at The Wooley Fox website, which states:

"Edyth O'Neill was honored at the Star of Texas Fredericksburg camp in September 2008. This was a wonderful party for a wonderful legend of the rug hooking world! Many people came to honor Edyth and bring rugs hooked from her designs. We are thrilled to be able to show you some of the rugs that were on display in honor of Edyth."

With their love of antiques, Jack and Edyth set out to create a home that would be fitting for the early American antiques they had collected.   Their search led them to an antique New England cape, which was carefully dismantled and rebuilt by Jack in their Texas home town.  Their home was featured in the April 1997 issue of Early American Homes.  Sadly, Edyth and Jack lost their cape to a house fire. You can see a slide show of  their beloved cape at Edyth's blog.


A read of articles written about Jack and Edyth O'Neill's various homes show that their knowledge of old things and a warmth of heart has enabled them to create homes that honor the past yet make a home for people wherever they are. In each of the magazines articles, you see dolls peeking out in the pictures.

Edyth has been a doll collector and a student of antique dolls for over 50 years.  Anyone who knows her, knows that passion will continue.  And that is very good for us!

Happy Birthday, Edyth!

If you would like to read articles featuring Jack and Edyth's homes and/or artwork, look for the following magazines:

Early American Homes, April 1997.   The House that Jack (Re)Built, pp 38-35.
Country Living, May 1984.   House of Crafts,   pp 94-98. 
Country Home, December 1989.  Texas Two Step, pp 70-77.


  1. Dear Dixie, Thank you!! I have just found this tonight. I am over whelmed!! Edyth

  2. This does not surprise me, Dixie! YOU are the DOLL, honoring our talented friend, Edyth! So glad you found this , Edyth! What a special tribute to you, dear Hill Country friend!

  3. happy birthday Edyth hope you have a blessed day !


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