Maida Dolls Group Spring Challenge

We're trying something a bit different in the Maida Dolls Group.  So far we have had a Queen Anne Challenge and a Nothing New Doll Challenge.  This time around for Spring 2011 we will be doing a Self-Portrait As a Child doll making challenge.   The idea is to make a doll inspired by a picture of yourself as a child.    I know, I know.   Some of our pictures aren't as sweet as the little one above (an unidentified tintype from our family photos).   Like this one of me (Dixie,on the left) wearing my prized blue cat glasses:

And that was a happening dress, too!  I'll keep searching for a picture that feels right.   You can dress yourself in 1800's clothes if you want, too.   I was always dressing up as a Pioneer Woman.  ;-)

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