Studying Antique Dolls:
Early American Life Magazine
Antique Doll Collector Magazine
and Auction Catalogs

Antique Doll Collector is a recommended resource for studying antique dolls.  The Doll Collectors of America's display of Izannah's was featured in their August 2011 issue. Each issue features an in depth article on a  type of antique doll.

Early American Life  features articles on antique dolls as well as life in Early America.   One such article was written by Gregory Lefever on Milliner's Models.

Auction catalogs are another resource for studying antique dolls.  In fact, purchased old catalogs sometimes have auction prices written in the margin, which gives a lot of information about how a particular doll type has been valued over the years. 

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  1. Thanks Dixie for this informative article. I haven't seen any examples of this type of doll since my early collecting days in the 1980's. The Coleman's books are invaluable for information. It started me on my use of paper mache in my doll making.


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