Wonderful at Withington's:
A Stockinet Cloth Folk Doll

I drove down to Withington's Auctions in Hillsborough New Hampshire to take pictures of an Izannah doll there, but look who else greeted me when I arrived!  This girl will be auctioned off by Withington's.  Next to Izannahs, one of a kind folk dolls are my favorite type of doll.  

You might expect she's going to have 
a fancy face to match her bonnet....

But no, she has a pencil drawn salt-of-the-earth face.

Here are more details...


Don't forget to visit Withington's 
to see other wonderful dolls to be auctioned.
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  1. Oh I love this doll! Her bonnet and dress are inspiring, but the overall effect--her shape and lines--are what make her a work of art.

  2. I love this doll!!!
    Remember me one I have had, her name was Raggie (Straccionella in Italian language)
    My mother made for me, her dressed was an old pink nightgown with white polka dots


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