Antique Cloth Folk Art Dolls at Skinner's

Update:  Estimate $300-500;  Sold for $1,659

Cloth dolls have an honesty about them that is endearing.   

This girl above is not only honest, she is capable.  Look at those hands! This girl is sweet but is not going to put up with any guff!  From the picture she appears to be a pancake doll shape   But what a shape!

And this trio above is folk art at it's finest.  To me, the doll on the right looks like the maker was trying to do a portrait in cloth.

Update - Estimate $300-500; Sold for $830

This doll looks like she has a molded face with a cloth covering.  But isn't she sweet?  There are other antique dolls available in  Sale 2585B at Skinner's.  The auction is March 4th.  You can see more antique dolls to be auctioned at this link:


  1. What great dolls, I love the imperfect, "real" aspect to these dolls, not show pieces...dolls! They were loved! Great post.

  2. They are simply beautiful. Check out to view some life-sized cloth dolls created by fiber folk artist Joy Robinson


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