Auction Surprises: Can This Doll Be Saved?

Do you ever go to an auction and bid on something you didn't look at ahead of time?   When they hold the dolls up and you're looking across the room from 30 feet away they look kind of cute.   So you make your (very, very low) bid and then the box gets delivered to you....

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I had them out in the garage, but someone told me that's the worst (???) place for them.
So I brought them inside and let them warm up by the new (antique/vintage) cast iron woodstove. 

She's kind of endearing, as long as she isn't hiding a little weapon. 
I know some of you know about these old compo dolls, 
so if you have any opinions, please share.   


  1. I love old dolls...even with all their flaws and damage...I see such character in them...yours are wonderful. Although I don't know much about restoring them...I have seem some beautiful dolls that have been restored backed to their once flawless stage :) Thanks for sharing your auction finds....I happen to think they are very sweet in their present state :) Blessings

  2. Poor things. But, the legs on the larger one are in fantastic shape, with what look like original shoes? wow look at the blush on those knees.

  3. Dixie, I love restoring compo dolls. With the little gal that is peeling, I would just peel off all the old composition and repaint her. Because compo dolls have lead paint, my husband helped me come up with this technique: Put each part/limb in a zip-lock bag, and carefully drop in an exacto knife also. Seal the bag. Working from the outside of the bag, peel away the old paint and gesso with the blade. Remove the piece and blade and carefully dust them off, preferably outside while wearing a mask. I often smear a thin layer of tacky glue over the surface before I repaint. I also sometime sculpt a missing limb out of fimo,or buy a replacement on ebay. The original sculpting on these dolls is so sweet, and peeling away the damaged layer reveals the detail even more. Please message me me if you have any questions.


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