An Artist's Journey: Jackie Hendricks

 Jackie Hendricks of Plain-n-Simple makes wonderful Izannah inspired dolls. I was lucky enough to purchase one of her dolls last year. When I (Dixie) opened the box I was amazed at how Izannah-like the doll's head was. I've seen quite a few original Izannah Walker dolls and Jackie has really caught the feeling of the originals in her sculpting and painting. Recently Jackie tested my Izannah Walker pattern and the doll above is the result. Jackie's work is inspiring to me. On to the questions!

How long have you been making dolls and selling them?

JH: I have been making dolls since 2000, I didn't sell my first ones as they actually had my daughters hair on them.

How did you begin selling your work? What was the first doll you made with the intention to sell?

This doll was an old madame gypsy and she was full of color and spice and everything not nice. I saw other doll makers selling on Ebay, and thought, I'm going top give it a whirl! I began on Ebay, and sold a few at a local antique craft shop.

Were you a doll person as a child?
Do you remember making any dolls as a child?

JH: Yes, I was a dollie girl. I remember my first attempt at making doll clothes(cutting up wash clothes and aprons of my moms, simple stuff like 2 arm holes and belt and i made a coat), so when my daughters started doing this, I guess I wasnt too shocked, until they 'snuck' into my antique fabric stash.

What were your play interests as a child?

JH: I had an unusual child hood, my mother would take us to this 1904 dump site and we built 'forts' out of old rusty car doors and the likes. We made baby cribs out of old metal railing and child mattress springs, all rusty and dangerous of course. We found a burnt doll and there she laid in the crib. There were 6 kids in my family, and none of us ever had to get a tetanus shot! My mother once told us all, that if we collected enough pottery with gold leaf on, that we could actually scrape it of, and we'd be 'RICH", i know now, that this was a ploy to keep us occupied, and it worked, but back then, our eyes were huge with hope, and filled wonder. You should have seen the pile of pottery!!!!! All you see of us were our green eyes and our teeth , we were all covered in soot. We worked so hard!

How has your work changed since you began doll making?
How do you see it changing in the future?

JH: I have been contemplating giving up making dolls...Nah Just kidding! I'd never be able too, in a life time!!!!! My work has changed immensely, I dont just cut 2 holes and apply a belt anymore...Hehe. I realized i needed to take more time ( I am as slow as molasses, already) to create a doll not just slap one together to sell on ebay. Realizing the process to make something beautiful is not quick.

Where do you create your dolls?

JH: As of now, I create at my dinning table, because i want to make sure my daughters always have a room to come back to, if need be. I do want to fill all my creative stuff in the spare room, but...I dont, i know you mothers out there understand.

Describe your creative process:

JH: I use my The DOLL red fuzzy Fox book, I don't plan anything, the doll just comes to life.

What do you use for inspiration?

JH: For inspiration, all it takes is a few yards of good old fabric, although i really dislike making dresses.

What is your favorite doll that you've made
and why is it your favorite?

JH: I like the cage doll in the blue linen because she has elegance and simplicity all in one doll, and the face of angel, (To quote the gal who bought her).

Favorite quote?

Always Be Kind!

Who inspires you and why?

JH: Izannah Walker, and my mean old mom. I have a doll makers spirit and that will never change!

What are three favorite books of yours,
and three favorite movies?

JH: I am not much of a reader, i have too much energy to sit and read. BUT i do so Love my The Doll by Fox.

What three encouragements would you give
to the beginning doll maker/artist?

JH: Take your time. Do what you love, and Love what you do!! I have to remind myself all the time, "Its ok to be Itty Bitty".

Jackie and her husband

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  1. Wonderful! It's nice to be able to get to know fellow like minded artists a little better, and you are making this happen Dixie!

  2. Reading these interviews is so much fun! I want to go back in time to the dump that Jackie and her siblings played in and see what other good stuff was there...

  3. Elaine,
    In todays world, it sounds horrible, but it was really a lot of fun.

  4. Jackie you inspire me, your cage doll was awesome! You are so down to earth and fun... that's what I like about you :)

  5. Jackie's doll's are some of the best out there. I think they reflect her sweet spirit. It is nice to get a chance to know more about her.

  6. It's really nice to get to Jackie a little bit better. I used to play in a dump up in the hills behind my grandparents house. What treasures we found!

    Your dolls are wonderful, and I love seeing every new creation.

  7. Jackie you are such a cutie! I want to know your secret for making those awesome straw bonnets!!! LOL!


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