1840's Papier Mache Doll with Rare Flirty Eyes

Alicia Carver of Signature Dolls shared pictures of this lovely doll to post here in as inspiration for inspiration. At 18.5" tall, this so-called milliner's model has a kid body with wood lower legs and lower arms and a papier-mache head. Her head features an early 1850's style with long ringlets which are nicely modeled in the back. Alicia redressed her in period style clothing from antique silk velvet and early lace. Alicia says,
"What is most unusual about her are her flirty eyes which, according to Christiane Graefnitz, a renown papier-mache expert, means she was made by Andreas Voit as he is the only doll maker in Germany who used flirty eyes in the early dolls."

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