A Visit to Lucy's Doll House

Yesterday I took my spring drive down to Lucy's Doll House. I usually take a trip each season that they're open - spring, summer, fall. The small doll shown above and below is a mystery to me, but oh so charming. If you know what she is, please leave a comment.

Here are a few other lovelies that I saw while there:

Doll House circa 1775 (sold)

Doll house room above , with some closeups below:

Another doll house room below:

Still another room, below:

A Stable Doll House, below:

Isn't the doll above the sweetest?

No, wait, these are sweet, too!
Love Babyland Rags!

She is sweet in a homely way.

Small miniature toys...

A "Smiling Bru" which comes with her trunk....

Amazing engineering and artistry in that doll!

I'll end with the type of doll that started me
on my first journey to Lucy's Doll House.

Izannah Walker Doll

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  1. What a treat! We've got absolutely nothing like this in San Diego. Nothing. It's probably a good thing, because if we did, I'd become a stalker.

    Thanks for the morning eye candy!

  2. Great photos! Thanks for that, Dixie. Is that first little baby doll a cloth doll? Also, is that the same Izannah that you've already photographed? Is she the one who wears the blue gingham on IW Chronicles?

  3. Hi, Elaine - yes, that's the same Izzy in a similar but different dress. The first little baby is I think kidskin leather, but could possibly be oil painted cloth. :-)

  4. Hi Dixie,

    I believe the little baby is a leather baby, made in France. I have an old Doll Reader article which talks about these babies, and they look just like the one you posted. They are supposed to be very rare, and ellusive. The dolls in the article are all in the 5" range, leather faces molded over plaster, and painted features. They are adorable! They are also listed in Jan Foulke's Doll Blue Book.


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