Wonderful Antique Folk Art Cloth Doll

A repost of a wonderful doll at Lucy's Doll House
I showed on my personal blog a while ago.
This doll has sold, but she sure is fun to study!

All cloth!
Even the stiffened doll bonnet and face.

So very folky!
I've never seen a doll like this before.

Her hands have 5 fingers.

Her face was needlestitched -
kind of a trapunto technique.

Her body is constructed with a flat seat,
similar to a papier mache or china doll body.

The bonnet is attached to her head.
Both the bonnet and the face are stiffened
somehow so they are very, very hard.
Similar in feel to the way Izannah Walker's are made,
but the top layer is a woven cloth and not stockinette.

And the colors of her boots and stockings
are so wonderful! Love the gold and green.

Her dress and apron are so charming.

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  1. This is a very charming doll, Dixie - I can understand why you are so taken with her. Do you think she is a home-made doll?

  2. She IS charming. I've since seen one other doll that was in an auction catalog with this doll. So we know there were 2. The other doll didn't have the paint loss, but I still liked this one better. It was very well done...perhaps it was a cottage industry? Maybe someone checking in knows?

  3. Dixie, love this doll as well! Love any doll.


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