Christmas Doll Shower Group Picture

Edyth's friend who is recovering from a stroke and dealing with early Alzheimer's wrote:

"I have been yearning for a black rag doll. Since I can't drive anywhere, and even though I watch the sky in case one should happen to falll in my yard , but no luck so far. f my nerves weren 't so frazzled I could make one as a last resort. There's no need to blow my blood pressure our the roof over it.  . I'm fast getting bey;ond beyond being able to think or see what 'm doling (I yhinkF) so I might as well go on to bed. I still want a black rag doll, period. I'm getting old, fast and I don't need any more reason!!!!!!11So there."

Imagine her encouragement when she receives the package of the lovely dolls shown above.   These were made by Maida Doll Group members for our Christmas Doll Shower.  The variety and hand-made care in these dolls warms my heart, and I hope it will warm the heart of the lady who will be receiving them.  It is so fun to see how different doll makers approach the making of a black doll.    Here are some details of the dolls above:

Another smaller group shot above.  

 Julie Lewis

Michelle Sylvia

 Judi Hunziker

 Lila Foster

 Jenny White

Alice Swann

 Kathie Ruffner

My own Dixie dollie in red above is still in progress, 
and will wait for Susie McMahon's doll (below)
to arrive from Australia as a traveling companion.

 Susie McMahon
 Thank you to everyone who participated!   

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