My Doll Named Alicia

I bought her as a head only from dealer friend Alicia Carver. She is worn, but I chose not to repaint except some blush on her cheeks. I am delighted with her patrician bearing and lively expression, even with eyebrows worn and nearly gone.

There is a shoulder mend from long back, someone did a nice job on her there. The lovely glass eyed doll head was made by Andreas Voit about 1840 to 1845. I have read some opinions that place this style of doll head, commonly called “Pauline’ as early as 1835. She has a slightly open mouth with tiny teeth. She once had a human hair wig, and the tiny nail holes in the black pate bear witness to that lost hair do.

With the new body I have made, the doll is 31 inches tall. I was fortunate to find an appropriate pair of kid leather arms for her. The under sleeves I made work well when using a short sleeved dress on a doll with worn or patched arms. Her dress dates as early as mid nineteenth century. It has little drawstrings to gather fullness and these are the only closing on the dress. It was intended to be a frock for an infant, but makes a very nice high waisted gown for my Alicia doll.

Pictured in a brown dress with apron, is a sister doll of like size also made by Voit. This one has a closed mouth and a straight hairline rather than waves painted. The doll in the brown dress still has her original finish, a complexion much envied by sister Alicia. None the less they are very companionable together. The "Paulines" are among my favorite dolls. Edyth O'Neill

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  1. Alicia is so very beautiful.

    She is perfect in her little high waisted frock and sleeves.
    I love everything about her...

    Thank you for sharing her, Edyth.

  2. She's completely gorgeous, Edyth and she looks pleased to have a body, arms and legs once again! What material is she made from? - I can't tell from the pictures. (Wood?, papier mache?, ceramic?)

  3. What a lovely face! Perfect in every way. And the clothing is so appropriate. Thanks for the great pictures. Nancy


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