Antique 19th Century Carved Wooden Doll
Courtesy of Anonymous Works

Anonymous Works' Blog is definitely one you should visit if you love folk art. He continually posts such interesting artifacts from history that you will want to be checking daily.  I found his site when I was searching for "1840's dolls".  I emailed and asked if I could feature this large 19th century carved wooden doll and he kindly shared images.  Anonymous Works Website has a lot of wonderful carved folk art pieces as other unique treasures that are interesting to those of inspired by antiques. 

21 inches high

Her Royal Treeness.  

That's what I would name her if she were mine.  She retains so much of her "tree-ness" in her finished state.   

Who knows who made this doll?   
A brother for his younger sister, perhaps.  
A girl herself?

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  1. Wow. She is regal, in an arboreal sort of way, isn't she?


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