An Antique Doll Quilt from 1829

Tricia Langley, an internet friend I met through an antique doll collecting group online, shares this lovely vignette with us.  She says, 
"I was attracted to the very early doll bed because of it's vase shaped turnings. It looks to be walnut. It is a doll size rope bed. The dolls are German papier mache heads with kid leather bodies and wooden limbs, circa 1845-1855.  They are commonly (and in error) referred to as Milliner Models."

The doll quilt came with an old note that was hand sewn to the quilt.  It's faded lettering has the following written:   

There is a name (illegible)
June 18, 1829
Harper's Ferry
Another name (also illegible)
fifty years ago 1882.

The quilt is backed with white cloth. 

Thank you, Tricia, for sharing this lovely old gem!

When I asked Tricia what website she would like to refer people to, she recommended Rabbit Goody's site, Thistle Hill Weavers, as one that would be interesting to those who love old textiles. 

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